It is Time that we Save America, Go Vote

Dear Fellow Americans:

I am worried about the future of the United States .

As a Veteran, having served in the 1/10th    Air Calvary, US Army,  I am alarmed that there  is an effort to  cut Retirement Pensions.  The current planned cutbacks in the military will leave our country in a very grave position.  Isreal will be  the first Victim of theses foolish cutbacks. A 1,000,000 jobs will be at risk, 350,000 service persons and  a wide range of suppliers and   defense related concerns.  

These military cutbacks  send the wrong message.   We are putting hope in the hearts of the terrorists: JUST HOLD ON, the US WILL FALL.  We are telling our Military Families: WE  HAVE  NO  VALUE  FOR  YOUR SERVICE.  We are telling our Young People: THERE IS NO FUTURE IN MILITARY SERVICE.

I support:  Meals on Wheels,  HeadStart,  Senior Housing, Free College Education and 1-Strike 50 for Crimes Against a Child-WE NEED A NATIONAL CHILD PROTECTION ACT.

We must find a cure for:  Alzheimers,  Cancer,  Diabetes  and  the Chronic Heart conditions.

Our Space Program  deserves  a very strong voice that supports  a  human trip to Mars and beyond.

Over 35,000 persons attempt Suicide each year,  I am opposed  all forms of Suicide.

 I have signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge, and will advocate for simpler, flatter, and lower taxes.  I support your Second Amendment Gun Ownership Rights. 

Theodore Roosevelt

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Candidate MerVin Evans

if courage and leadership had another name

Democrat  CA  37th  district

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